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Classic Mini Double Zip Metallic White

Product Code: ZU5350

Classic Mini Double Zip Metallic White
https://ugg.org.ua/image/cache/catalog/ugg/minibaileybow/doublezipmetallicwhite/1315898186_w640_h640_1315898186-500x500.jpg https://ugg.org.ua/image/cache/catalog/ugg/minibaileybow/doublezipmetallicwhite/1315898190_w640_h640_1315898190-500x500.jpg https://ugg.org.ua/image/cache/catalog/ugg/minibaileybow/doublezipmetallicwhite/1315898187_w640_h640_1315898187-500x500.jpg https://ugg.org.ua/image/cache/catalog/ugg/minibaileybow/doublezipmetallicwhite/1315898189_w640_h640_1315898189-500x500.jpg

3 213 грн 5 346 грн Ex Tax: 3 213 грн


Classic Short Bailey Button Bling Glitter I DO White

Product Code: ZU5212

Classic Short Bailey Button Bling Glitter I DO White
https://ugg.org.ua/image/cache/catalog/ugg/shortbutton/baileybuttonblingglitteridowhite/frame28445645-500x500.jpg https://ugg.org.ua/image/cache/catalog/ugg/shortbutton/baileybuttonblingglitteridowhite/frame285-500x500.jpg https://ugg.org.ua/image/cache/catalog/ugg/shortbutton/baileybuttonblingglitteridowhite/frame2836786-500x500.jpg https://ugg.org.ua/image/cache/catalog/ugg/shortbutton/baileybuttonblingglitteridowhite/frame286-500x500.jpg https://ugg.org.ua/image/cache/catalog/ugg/shortbutton/baileybuttonblingglitteridowhite/frame287-500x500.jpg

2 980 грн 3 710 грн Ex Tax: 2 980 грн

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Buy white ugg boots - the best choice

Choosing white ugg boots from the original brand, you provide yourself not only comfort, convenience, but also several seasons of problem-free wear. You completely relieve yourself of the problem of hypothermia or wet feet, because original boots are made by tanning, so they are completely waterproof. They can be worn in frost, slush both in winter and in autumn or in the off-season.

We recommend buying white ugg boots for those who like to show their individuality, replenishing their wardrobe with the latest fashion trends. Our online store offers cheap high quality products from renowned companies. And you also get a discount, which you can ask our managers about.

White ugg boots

Features of the models

We recommend the model to those who want to stand out from the crowd by creating a spectacular image for themselves. Of the features of shoes, it is necessary to highlight:

  1. Huge selection. You can buy white ugg boots in various versions. These are high, low models, shoes made with boots, with or without fur on top. Here you will find the best option.
  2. Originality. It is easy to stand out from the crowd with these shoes. But at the same time, she does not look funny or ridiculous. The purchase is suitable for an official, sports and even informal style. Boots can be put on for study, work, walk.
  3. Full leg protection. Shoes protect from slush, cold, injury. Almost all models come with a flat sole with excellent cushioning. The designers have thought of a grooved insert that does not slip on ice. And natural fur allows the boots to quickly adapt to any temperature indoors or outdoors. Legs do not have time to freeze or, conversely, sweat.
  4. Camouflage effect. Shoes visually removes all the imperfections of the legs. She makes full calves smaller, thin ones - more graceful.

We have large discounts for inexpensive original products. Therefore, you can save a lot.

How to buy white ugg boots

First, choose the model that suits you in design, quality and price. Then you can leave a request in a special form or contact our consultants at the phone numbers listed above. The manager will clarify the details of the purchase and quickly send it.

We cooperate with "New mail", so delivery is possible to any region of Ukraine. The postal operator offers courier services, which are paid separately. But this is beneficial for busy people, since the parcel will be delivered to a convenient place. You can also order "Cash on delivery". This is a service that involves viewing the product before paying for it.

Call today! We will be happy to answer your questions and help you make a choice.