Classic Short II Red

Product Code: ZU5369

  • Outside: natural suede;
  • Inside: natural sheepskin;
  • Sole: is characterized by a number of advantages, however, the most important is excellent thermal insulation. Even in cold weather below 30 degrees, your feet will still be warm, for this is the natural sheepskin inside the shoe and the high-tech material of the sole (EVA) itself. EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is, in simple terms, foamy, environmentally friendly rubber. The sole is very light, extremely wear-resistant, the outer part is covered with protective sprays that prevent slipping on ice and the negative effect of reagents that are used to treat roads in winter. All this is extremely beneficial for your safety and the durability of your shoes. In addition, the EVA material prevents the growth of various bacteria, microorganisms, fungi, etc. The outsole is quite resilient and elastic, does not tan in frost, has excellent shock-absorbing and orthopedic properties, while being wear-resistant, grippy and lightweight. It is a pleasure to move anywhere in such shoes in winter.;
  • Season: winter;
  • Country manufacturer: despite any consonance in the name of the shoe, the main production is located in China.

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Classic Short II Red

  • Product Code: ZU5369

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